Monday, May 28, 2007

memorial day

went to hear derek trucks band at the visulite on saturday and was amazed at how good he was. playing with some funk soul bruthas, he was calm, cool & collected & totally in control while doing mind-blowing stuff with his giant monster hands, making the guitar look like a kid's toy.

(found this picture on google images)

next day went to lake norman for lots of holiday cheer and a mini modeling shoot with these friendly folks

also at brunch sunday lisa's silverware was sticking together magnetically for some reason


Anonymous said...

he played with the allman brothers band a few years ago at bonnaroo. i was amazed.

skippy haha said...

seriously kid d, i think he was the best i've ever seen personally. a master. how was the stoney larue/ccr for you?

Anonymous said...

so good. vip tix. got to watch all the mud people and stay clean. free wine samples for the non pregos. good times and fantastic music.

skippy haha said...

that sounds excellent! i want to see stoney larue live after that ophelia youtube you sent last year, let me know if you ever hear of him touring the SE & i'll keep looking for it.