Wednesday, February 03, 2016

WTF Wednesday: Shish Kebabers, Muzzleloading, Ted Cruz Kiss

Ciao, Wednesday! Ciao, WTF!

Ciao, first Spaniel on the Supreme Court. 

supreme court spaniel

Ciao, double-headed dog sculpture chewing on a bone. 

pile of dog heads

Ciao, teddy bear hitching a ride on a goose.

teddy on a goose

Ciao, heartless asshole. 

hunters guide

Ciao, novice muzzleloader. 


Ciao, shish kebabers!


It appears somebody got the sensation of York peppermint patties...

peppermint patty cross a real WTF degree. 

peppermint patty cross 2


Last but not least, here is Ted Cruz teaching his 7 year old daughter that no means yes. 

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz kissing his daughter......compared to Aliens.....BEAUTIFUL

Anonymous said...

The cover of Hunters Guide to Professional Outfitters.....wonder how people would have reacted if the leopard was smiling and standing tall with the human draped over it's shoulder.
Think about that one.
Who are we?

skippy haha said...

@Anonymous 1 - i didn't make that Ted Cruz gif video, i agree, it's perfect!

@Anonymous 2 - seriously - or if the leopard was eating the cold black dead heart out of the hunter - at least it would be natural. hunting african animals for sport is beyond my comprehension. hell, even chasing african animals around the savanna in a jeep for sport is beyond me. hunting deer for meat i can tolerate.