Friday, February 05, 2016

Heartstrings Tax Break

There's a hidden cost savings that would result from universal health care - i haven't seen this addressed anywhere yet - but I spent a bunch of money last year trying to defray the medical costs of people I have never met.

I sent $375 through gofundme to 8 different friends of friends, or friends of friend's friends who, in desperate bids to avoid being completely wiped out by an accident or illness, reached out to the Internet. I read the stories of a woman who lost everything she owned and half her skin in a fire, and had to donate. The 37 year old father with pancreatic cancer. The 5 year old boy with a brain tumor. I wasn't required to pay for their healthcare, but once I read their stories and saw their pictures, once they moved me to tears, felt compelled to donate. Kind of a heartstrings tax. Golden rule tax. 

I could have donated more to each of them and it still wouldn't have been enough. I could have donated to more of the gofundmes that came across my screen and it still wouldn't have been enough.

Would I gladly pay about that same $375/year in taxes every year to ensure NOBODY in this country goes through that ordeal of begging the internet for help when they get sick ever again - to ensure EVERYBODY gets health care? Yes! I believe strongly this is something we should fight for and not give up until it happens. 

Bernie Sanders is fighting hard for this, whether you support him or not, think about supporting universal single payer health care, and pressuring your representatives to do the same.


aunt jojo said...

First of all, Skippy, very nice and generous of you to donate to so many who so desperately needed help. You're a good soul. In 2015, we paid $700/month = $8,400 for healthcare premiums - unreal! Thankfully, we are healthy. When Bernie says he's going to raise taxes, people don't or don't want to hear the other part of that sentence. If we had a one-payer system, that was not for profit with everyone covered, then taxes would go up a bit to pay for it. But, ridiculously high premiums would not exist. Hence, actually saving people money.

skippy haha said...

@aunt jojo - exactly! people hear "your taxes will go up..." and put their fingers in their ears...but yes with universal health care your net cost for healthcare will go down, a lot! last year we paid closer to $1000/month, totally healthy. i filled 1 prescription in 12 months for 30 days of antibiotics and it cost $192. absolutely unreal! drug companies and insurance companies donate millions to politicians, and the wheel goes round.