Tuesday, September 01, 2015

KZOM Zoom 104 1/2 T-shirt

I recently came across a vintage 70s to early 80s soft thin t-shirt with this logo: 
Zoom 104 1/2 


Which led me to this youtube of KZOM's final sign off in 1984, Richard Jones playing The Who's "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay."

KZOM-FM 104.5 (ZOOM 104 1/2) was an Album-oriented rock radio station that served the Orange/Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana areas from 1978-1984.

(Aircheck, Photos and station logos by Larry King)

looked like a pretty cool station. RIP KZOM 104.5.



Anonymous said...

what a killer post. thank you! that dead air at the end of the clip is spooky. long live rock & roll.

crashinbrn said...

a sad day indeed. after the sign-off, i forgot my radio was on. an hour later the radio started back up with "KKMY MY Radio" then proceeded to play the same song for hours over and over and over. just a sad day

skippy haha said...

@crashinbrn, i am sorry for your loss. :(