Thursday, April 30, 2015

deja vu daily puppy!

this is a momentous day for 2 reasons: 1) i survived; and 2) the daily puppy re-ran pouncey as their puppy of the day!

sitting in 9th grade biology class, we were talking about diabetes and the teacher mentioned sufferers may have a shortened lifespan. at this moment i was struck with the feeling i, myself, diabetes-free, would die at 38. i have not obsessed over this, but i have remembered it vaguely from time to time for the past 23 years. i am glad to say my premonition was horseshit! i made it! 

now go over to the daily puppy and give pouncey 11 biscuits...again.


kid D said...

Glad you made it. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'm not happy. I gave Pouncey another biscuit but I've gone back a few times and they won't let me vote again. What happened to the old "vote early vote often" scam. It used to work so well.