Tuesday, December 10, 2013

time sure flies

on the way secured by bungee 
there are very few things in my life that i have done for consistently for 5 years straight. 

i haven't stayed at one school, or played soccer, or played clarinet, or played tennis, or given up eating meat, or kept the same job, or lived in california, or lived by myself, for 5 years straight. 

 i HAVE, however, been (as facebook says) In A Relationship for 5 years as of today. 

 it was 5 years ago that kevin & i met up in hickory for dinner, and nothing's been the same since! 

i have changed my sleep pattern completely - i used to sleep midnight to 8AM, now i sleep 9PM to crack of dawn. i have learned to can it when it should be canned, and speak up when it should be said. for the most part. 

the sum total of my relationship advice is - if you love retriever dogs, pick a partner who acts like a retriever dog! 

i happen to love retriever dogs. they are loyal and friendly and smart and cute and love to be outdoors. i am not saying i couldn't love somebody who didn't have these traits, but it is soooo much more natural for me to love somebody who does! 

basically, i didn't mature and grow as a person in patience and compassion to get to 5 years - more like i found somebody from the start with whom i am highly compatible. when you share values and a general direction, they can get 'their way' and it not be offensive to you. and vice versa. things that could be struggles with a different person, are more like win-win. it's nice.



kid D said...

hooray for compatibility!

shudderboy said...

how lucky am i?

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Very nicely said! Very true. It is nice to not be in competition over who is right more of the time. It's hard for me to do but I have grown to realize it is ok to lose the battle sometimes. It's ok to let it go. To reconcile quickly! Congrats :)

Anonymous said...

It's hard to accurately describe things like that. You did it well. Anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with you both....and your dogs... can see your words are right on.
Ah...how do you see the next 5? I hope they are even better. Happy Anniversay!

skippy haha said...

thank you all!

@kid D - yes compatibility is the word. i have to think if we were on something like eharmony they wouldve matched us up anyway!

@shudders - one of the luckiest!

@Jessica - yes! the quicker to forgive the better. what's the point of holding a grudge? waste of time and energy. reconcile asap!

@Anonymous - thank you! the next five...i think we will still be here in asheville, and in this house. i think nacho and eli will be romping in the great doggie pasture in the sky. i think we'll get some more retriever dogs. maybe instead of craigslist puppy, someplace like this:


Lab Rescue NC

i think we'll both have the same jobs. i think we'll go some fun places - paris and hawaii are on the short list. back to new orleans. often to see family in florida, new york, and colorado.

i think mostly we'll keep doing what we've been doing! but you never never know.