Tuesday, September 04, 2012

the wily fox of breckenridge golf course

this summer has come and gone like a great blue heron flying very quickly in one direction. 

one of the craziest things that happened was on the breckenridge golf course. i was walking around while kevin, his dad, and brother played. it is a spectacular place to walk around. i would not want to be chasing a blasted little white ball into the chaparral and beaver ponds, but it is a spectacular place to walk around.

it was a par 4 on the front 9, and everybody hit their second shots close to the green. kevin's dad's ball unfortunately went into a greenside bunker. maybe the first time i've ever seen him hit a shot into a bunker. everybody else's shots were on the green. we were about 100 yards away. 

suddenly, a big fox appeared. big like 40 lbs. he looked at us, trotted across the green, down into the bunker, took kevin's dad's ball out of the trap, and dropped it on the green 10 feet from the hole.  

he then trotted to kevin's brother's ball, picked it up, and ran away with it into the woods.

supposedly he thinks the balls are eggs.

supposedly there is a fox den in breckenridge overflowing with titleist pro v1's. 

kevin's dad played the ball from the green where the fox left it. after the round, we heard that the right ruling would have been to put his ball back in the bunker.


Anonymous said...

Since most foxes I've seen are closer to 20-25 lbs. do you think the fox eats the golf balls too? That's a big fox. I can understand that Kevin's dad was quite excited about his good fortune but you guys really didn't know you had to put the ball back in the bunker? If videoed, that would have been the best American Home Video ever.

skippy haha said...

this fox was almost the size of pouncey, and pouncey is 60 lbs. i think he was eating beavers. there was debate about what to do with the ball - i think 'fox is a force of nature' won out and he was putting!

Anonymous said...

Truly I can agree that a "fox is a force of nature"....but truly a bunker is a hazard and it seems like having a ball in a bunker ending up 10 feet from the hole might be a little stretch toward improving ones lie.
I'll ask the USGA. It generally takes a while for their response but it would be worth it.

skippy haha said...

excellent! a USGA ruling would be great. i think he wanted to put it back in the bunker, and had it been a tournament he would have put it back in the bunker...but it was a friendly game & the rest of us were just like 'what great luck - thanks fox - just putt it from there!'

Anonymous said...

Ok Skippy. check your emails. You've got THE one and only answer, unless of course you are just out having fun which is perfectly acceptable too.