Monday, September 10, 2012

pouncey met his match

two big young dogs came to visit this weekend.

it was great for eli & nacho to get a breather, and it was great for pouncey to be completely outweighed and out-spazzed by the new guys.

the sweet german short haired pointer in the picture is porter. he turned 3 this weekend. he has more energy than an entire preschool class combined.

the only humans who should be allowed to own german short haired pointers are 1. ironman triathletes and 2. people with big fenced in farms, like over 10 acres.

porter pouncey


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kid D said...

i was showing pictures of pouncey to my boss as if i were a proud aunt yesterday. telling her how big he had gotten...she's a total dog person. never had any kids, just dogs.

skippy haha said...

pouncey is thankful for his growing number of fans in tulsa, auntie kidD! we are hoping he hit a growth plateau. he is 54 lbs. 6 months. supposedly 'large breed' dogs grow the most in months 1-5. one 'dog size predictor' i plugged his numbers into estimates a full grown size of 67. that would be AWESOME. 107, not as awesome.