Friday, February 24, 2012

speaking of nekkid basketball

i've said before the local commercials around here are weird, but this is the latest weirdest.

it's a personal injury law firm. two older male lawyers dressed in business suits are on a high school basketball court. 

with a girl in a half shirt and tiny mini skirt. 


who is she? why is she there? is she a lawyer too? secretary? just a woman for hire? how is this related? or relevant? in any way?

sex sells. but does it sell lawyers? makes them seem lecherous and sleazy and distracted to me.

save the sluts for the beer ads, i want my lawyers in libraries.


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

OLD MEN and A cheerleader??? Isn't this suppose to be the kind of messes that they are helping their clients to get out of??

Anonymous said...

I concur. We have a bank here called Spirit bank. I don't want my bank to be spirited, I want them to be serious about money. I'm not good with finances and don't want my bank running around doing hurkeys. kid D

skippy haha said...

OG - aha! she is a cheerleader! who plays basketball. so so weird.

kid D - exactly. that is hilarious. bankers doing hurkeys.