Friday, September 09, 2011

i love my brain

i am glad i'm not bald because my head is lumpy and soft. thank god i have hair to cover it. it's like it never hardened when i was a baby. or else i am slowly growing devil horns on the back. i've tried googling 'soft skull adult' etc. and can't find anything. i should probably ask a neurologist or something. in the mean time i should probably wear a helmet 24/7.

but, instead, i have decided i don't really want to wear a helmet ever again. i don't need that big of a rush that sports requiring helmets give a person. i fell off my mountain bike 15 years ago and dislocated my shoulder and decided i don't need to do that anymore. i don't miss skiing or want to learn to snowboard. i don't really want to do intense whitewater rafting. i don't want to jump out of a plane again. never say never, but i think i'm done with helmets. 

i love my brain!


Anonymous said...

I love your brain too!!!

skippy haha said...

thank you, anonymous!

patrick said...

Please wear a helmet when riding a bike.

skippy haha said...

Patrick, i will! it infuriates me to see unhelmeted bikers riding busy streets. so selfish!

AND i just found your "me and my camera" blog - sweet! i added you to 'friends' and 'cybernauts' :)