Wednesday, September 07, 2011

colorado for labor day

i spent the past 5 days in colorado, and it was glorious.

on the first day kevin's brother teddy took us on a hike to diamond lake - which is not a dammed river, but a true mountain lake. good lord there's a difference.

we had great lunch and beer in boulder and listened to a barefoot hippie play classical piano in the middle pearl street.

we went to breckenridge and hung out with kevin's parents and his incredibly cute niece and nephew, piper and jack, for the weekend.

this is an actual conversation i had with piper:

(after hearing that rose, the 13 year old black lab bed hog climbed on piper's air mattress and slept with her all night, eventually pushing piper's legs off the bed)

me: it was cold last night, so rose was probably keeping you warm, and you were keeping her warm.

piper: yes, and she was keeping my heart warm!

i walked around the astonishingly beautiful breckenridge golf course and witnessed kevin's dad chip in from out of a bunker that was over his head. it was incredible!

i played no fewer than 50 games of hullabaloo.

we went to the phish show sunday night. it was my 3rd time seeing them and BY FAR the best. there was much platypus slapping and dance party USA. one strange coincidence was that they covered for the first time 'the way it goes' - gillian welch's new song that we heard her play (better) a few weeks ago at the orange peel. but cool of them to try! the whole night was a blast.

we flew back across the country on monday straight into a tropical storm and other than a few in-air and on-runway delays, we got home close to schedule. this lady was rolling this girl around the charlotte airport like so. not sure of the safety implications here. 

i hope your labor day was labor-free and even 1/10 as much fun as mine.


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

look at the crowd at the show! Wow! looks like it was an awesome trip.

Phil said...

Sounds like a great trip!

kid D said...

Piper has amazing baby blues.

You know what's even more were in a picture. That doesn't happen often.

skippy haha said...

@OG - i think it was like 20k people - so wild! everybody was having a good time :)

@Phil - it was! happy birthday!

@kidD - you're telling me! another set of giant blueberry eyes. she is the same age as teylor (turned 4 in july) - what a great age. the energy! aaaahhhhh! and yes it's hard for me to be in pictures since i'm the one with the camera, and also i hate being in them!