Thursday, August 18, 2011


i just got back from fantastically fun family vacation to kiawah island, south carolina.

my nephew will is the cutest sweetest little kid. he is only 15 months old and he is already 3 feet tall. he has a wide-footed sturdy walking stance and gets around pretty well.

he likes to rest his feet on the table while he eats. he is very dextrous with a fork.

he chased two little girls in bikinis down the beach.

he loves to turn light switches off and on, and watch the lights. he likes reading books and studying objects.

he is very analytical and calm and wise already. and has fantastic hair.

he is good at throwing and kicking (dribbling) balls.

his favorite word is 'more!' he says it like 'mmmmaw.'

he also likes pulling hair. sometimes he throws up on airplanes.

he went out to a 2 hour dinner and didn't make a peep.

i think he will be an engineer. and a heart breaker.


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Outloud chuckle on this one - that is downright ADORABLE.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Wee Willie! We love him so, too. Lara &cetera

Angela McT. said...

Awww, that William has the best Aunt Heather ever! But - haven't his parents taught him any manners? From the looks of this picture, I don't think so!

Angela McT. said...

No, seriously, that is the sweetest post ever. I am printing it out and keeping it in his baby book forever. Thank you, Heather! xoxoxo

kid D said...

love it. proud, happy aunt. the universe is in alignment. what a doll!

skippy haha said...

♥♥♥!!! to you all!