Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i can't be the only one

this giant phallic symbol rock is situated on probably the 'nicest' street in all of asheville - evelyn.

big old houses, manicured lawns, back yards on the grove park country club.
i would like to know who put this rock here and what they were thinking.


kid D said...

seriously...i didn't even have to read the text below...i knew exactly why you had taken the picture!

JB said...

I saw easter island first, maybe thats good as i don't want to be thinking the first thing i see in nature is a big stiffy.

i do like what i see in peaches and because of that i call my wife "peaches".

skippy haha said...

one mustnt look far in nature to see big stiffies. they're everywhere. if you like what you see in peaches, you should try medjool dates.