Monday, May 30, 2011

andrews not geyser

while in old fort over the weekend, we followed signs to 'andrew's geyser.'

wikipedia sayeth:

A geyser is a spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by a vapor phase (steam). Generally all geyser field sites are located near active volcanic areas, and the geyser effect is due to the proximity of magma.

i was interested to see what kind of phenomenal natural water spout could possibly be found around here.

something like so? -

Beehive Geyser Blows off Steam, Yellowstone National Park

or like so? -





or how about something more like so:

andrews not geyser

this is andrew's geyser. it's a hose. a fountain that was made by the hands of men. it makes me want to cry.


Shannon Fowler-Wardrep said...

I would cry too. So misleading... Ugh.

skippy haha said...

i saw photos of the 'geyser' after prolonged sub-freezing temperatures, and it looks more geyser-like since there's an ice build-up around the base. but it's still a fountain with a hose. they should re=name it andrew's fountain.

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

hahahahaa lol. I had the same reaction. The *only* saving grace was that I saw it in it's frozen stage that you mentioned.

The drive was nice.