Monday, July 26, 2010

3-D life-size furry nacho fingerpainting

i fingerpainted nacho last week, and then brushed him and put varnish on the canvas and attached the fur to the varnish. i think it looks pretty cute.

furry nacho fingerpainting

it came from this photo


jb said...

Pretty cool. That wont start to stink?

skippy haha said...

ha! i don't think so. i have a bag of my old rabbit's fur from 20 years ago that doesn't stink. there's no skin, just fur. he's a clean dog :)

jb said...

IDk. I had a real camel hair jacket I got in egypt when we were in highschool and when the humidity went up it smelled rank. I had to toss it even though it had tremendous sentimental value.

I hope your picture stays 'fresh'

skippy haha said...

man that sounds pretty sick. i think as long as the fur on the painting doesn't get wet it will be fine. we'll see.