Friday, July 23, 2010

homemade brand ice cream liars

the united dairy farmers homemade brand black raspberry chip carton states the following:

we use only dairy-fresh cream, real vanilla, and the finest fruits and nuts.

so is fd&c red #40 classified as the finest nut or the finest fruit?


phil said...

Unfortunately homemade brand does not require it to be homemade. You can thank the voluntary regulation of advertising and the food industry. However, making it truly homemade would take a lot of homes and up the cost considerably. Better to just make it at home. I'd try substituting a bit of beet juice for industrial food coloring.

skippy haha said...

thanks phil! i didn't really think it would be homemade, but i'm upset that they print that they ONLY use fresh cream, vanilla, and the finest nuts & berries...and then the other side of the carton lists the garbage they really use. voluntary regulation sucks.

Anonymous said...

Check out the first ingredients.....skim milk, cream, sugar, raspberry puree.
Seems to me that they use "dairy fresh cream," and the "finest fruit(s)." Do you expect them to put "dairy fresh cream" on the ingredients list??

Homemade Brand is a registered name not meant to imply that some creative grandma churns the ice cream in an old wooden can with ice on a hot summer day. Try the ice cream and you'll actually see why people love it!

skippy haha said...

thanks for the comment, anonymous. i tried the ice cream, it was pretty good. i don't appreciate being told you use 'only the freshest...' when really the additives you use are harmful to human health. partially hydrogenated soybean oil has been called metabolic poison. food dyes are linked to ADHD in children. do i need to get into the health effects of corn syrup. again, i suffered no illusions that the ice cream was 'homemade' - i didn't think it was full of this crap. check out ben & jerry's 'cherry garcia' as a comparison - they don't use partially hydrogenated oils or modified corn starch or food colorings.