Sunday, June 06, 2010

happy birthday nacho!

today is nacho's 7th birthday. he got a baby pool to swim in, he is going for a walk to the pond, and later he will get peanut butter flavored doggie ice cream from the hop.

he is a clown dog, he always makes me laugh, and he is soft like a bunny with bucked teeth and an oversized gullet.

his latest nickname is fluffycups.


phil said...

Yeah Nacho Nacho Fluffycups!

skippy haha said...

nacho says "gracias amigo!"

Anonymous said...

kelsey and I both say 'happy birthday Nacho...may you always have peanut butter to eat ! woof woof !

skippy haha said...

nacho says: "te amo mappy y kelsey!"

Anonymous said...

Mom & Dad forgot Nacho's BD but don't despair... ginger hearts are on their way.. to be shared with step bro Ely

Sorry Nach

skippy haha said...

nacho says: "eets okay you forget, mami and big popi! i will share my ginger hearts! muchas gracias!"