Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Solid Gold,

Dear Solid Gold,
We want to have a rock group we already made up 3 songs, The name of our group is Heather + Carin and the rock + roll fevers. We have eight people. Carin and I are 7 three of them are nine 1 is 8 and one is eleven. We desided to start early and our teacher said our songs were EXCELLENT! Our costumes are jeans and sweaters but if you can please send us something more fancy our sizes our three sevens three 10's and one eleven. If some are to big or to small can we send them back?
Are addresses for the costumes are- 316 Crestwood Rd. and 132 Windermere Way Warwick, R.I.
Yours truly,
Heather McTammany & Carin STEGER & the rocketts

P.S. Were sending some extra for Marilen McCoo

[Koala bear sticker that says Heather + Carin]

[band aid stuck to the other side]

i can't believe i never mailed this, i feel sure they would have sent us some costumes that were more fancy.


Anonymous said...

Too cute for words. They did send them but they were intercepted and sent back by your mom. They were too risque for 2 seven, 3 nine, and 1 eight year olds. The 11 year old would have been ok but that would have made her the star and clearly that position belonged to you and Carin. Bands are tough. You should resend it to Marilen McCoo.

phil said...

A partnership agreement for this band would be a nightmare.

skippy haha said...

AnonymoDAD- i think the 11 year old was heather machala. you're right i should try to hunt down marilen, maybe she still has some fancy costumes hanging around.

phil - with Heather & Carin & the Rock n Roll Fevers, (or the Rockettes) it would be all for one, one for all!

Anonymous said...

Hunt her down. She'd love it skippy. We could watch your effort. Sort of like a Reality Investigation.
Phil...all for one/one for all...that's not naive for a partnership agreement is it?

skippy haha said...

she's on tour! she's going to be in wilkesboro, NC in september. i think i'll go to the show and bring her the letter and steal her fancy costumes!

Anonymous said...

Good Girl. She'll give you something. That letter will make her melt.