Monday, July 20, 2009

chris & angela got married

first meal, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

my brother chris got married to an absolute sweetheart angela this weekend in newport rhode island. everything went amazingly well - the weather, the food, the happy families and friends - i can't imagine a more beautiful wedding weekend. they got married twice, once inside st. gregory's, the catholic church where chris & i were baptized, and the next day at the inn at castle hill overlooking the water with sailboats in the background. it was all pretty freakin awesome.

this is a picture of their first meal as husband and wife at the fine dining eatery jigger's in east greenwich. all the pictures are here -

first dance


kid D said...

awe...congrats to all...they look like an adorable couple.

not that i would recomend marriage to anyone...but they look like they'll be just fine!

Anonymous said...

Heather you were a great bridesmaid. All these pictures were provided by the "Coolest Eyes" going.

Anonymous said...

Awesome captured it all. What a magical time..enjoyed almost every second of the weekend.Can't imagine it could have been any better. Probably the highlight film of my life. Thanks for being a "maid".. you looked stunning & totally added to all the fun. I can't stop thinking about how great it all was. WOW


Anonymous said...

We wish we were able to be at that wedding! It looks like the greatest wedding of all time! The skies look so clear - you must have buried an Infant of Prague statue or something!

Aunt Jojo said...

Great pics, Skippy! And it was great to see you and meet Kevin who's so nice. We had a blast! When Uncle Tom puts our pics online, we'll send you the link. XO

skippy haha said...

kid D, i couldn't say it better myself.

Anonymous #1 - thank you!

MOM - magical is right!

Anonymous #3 - too bad you missed it! who are you :)? yes they did bury the infant of prague and the little guy came through!

Aunt Jojo - great to see you! can't wait to see Uncle Tom's photos.