Tuesday, December 30, 2008

free love

someone who wants to buy condoms from ingles grocery store needs to ask a pharmacist to open a locked glass case where they're kept with nicotine patches and heart rate monitors. i imagine that could be an absolutely ridiculous deterrent. i'm sure it's to prevent theft, but jesus christ they should have free buckets of condoms at the front door for anybody willing to use one.


Tobias said...

Yeah, you have to ask for help to get 'doms at the Rite Aid closest to me. Ironically, smokeless tobacco is there for the taking.

Anonymous said...

what a world!!!


PS You make me laugh...thanks

Brian Ross said...

It has never been a deterrent for me. I always ask really loud while grinning ear to ear. I think you can freebies at the clinic. They gave me a bunch when I went. Alternatively, three quarters at the truck stop restroom.

skippy haha said...

great tips, brian!