Monday, December 29, 2008

caught on tape - shoplifting dog

i tried to get holden to do this at a chapel hill harris teeter in about 1999. one night my friend jill and i put on sunglasses and took the white pole that hangs off horizontal blinds as a walking cane, and put the old navy dog raincoat onto which i had stenciled 'guiding eyes for the blind - dog in training' on holden and we let him out of the car near the entrance to the grocery store, hoping he'd run in & go to the meat aisle and take something out and cause some cute mischief. but holden just sat in the parking lot looking at us.

the dog in this video is my new hero.


Monica Cassani said...

I put this on my blog a few days husband thinks it was a set up...I wondered that myself...

but I'm totally open to accepting it happened as they said it did as well.

skippy haha said...

set up how? someone inside the store but off camera calling for the dog? or that the whole thing is fictitious?
i think it's real. but i thought santa was real til 5th grade.