Monday, December 17, 2007

the world's best prom

i recently watched a movie "The World's Best Prom" about the 2000 senior prom in Racine, Wisconsin. i thought it was excellent, very real, and showed a rare true positive side of the kids of today. compared to shows like 'my super sweet 16' and the rest of that bratty nonsense, most of these kids were thoughtful and decent. they all had dreams and expectations and it was great to see how the reality of the event went down.

it may have been extra interesting to me because i just went to racine for a kitshicker wedding this summer, as the lovely bride and a kitshicking bridesmaid hailed from that very town, though they graduated the year before this documentary was made.

i recommend netflixing this documentary.

"The World's Best Prom"


Anonymous said...

WOW! i'm going to have to see that. i barely remember prom. i remember drinking and getting higher than a kite in the limo. i don't remember much after that. my how i have changed. won't even drink a beer these days!

Anonymous said...

nice....I got a recommendation to see The Science of Sleep from cooney...i'll let you know how it is after i watch it tonight....from the trailer i think it'll be really good !

skippy haha said...

i hope you both get to see it & tell me what you think. i went to the senior prom in 10th grade & in 11th grade & had a fine time, nothing crazy. the science of sleep is already in my netflix queue mappy, i just moved it up so i'll see it soon too.