Saturday, December 08, 2007

the bone eater

"The Bone eater"
If I said what animal eats bones? You would think of dogs but theres a bird called a Lammergeyer that eats bones too! Its four feet (2.7m) First they wait for a other animals to eat the meat. Then it swoop^s down over the mountains and picks up some bones. Then it goes way up high in the sky and drops the bones down and the bone skatters all over! Then the Lammergeyer comes back down and eats it. It also eats the meat, blud and skin!
The Lammergeyer lives in Africa, Asia, and southern Europe in caves and nests on clifs.


Anonymous said...

when did you write that treasure?

skippy haha said...

i think second grade, 83-ish, thank you for not throwing it away.