Saturday, December 29, 2007

responsibility & abundance

i was supposed to be in falls church virginia right now, tea leaf green about to start ripping sh!t up at the state theater, a big reunion of old friends from up & down the coast, new year's kickoff party vibe at its height, but after a tragicomedy of errors and a string of sad stories involving trains, heart attacks, donuts, and 90% precipitation, i'm here instead. i cancelled my hotel in time & will called my ticket to a friend, so there's no loss, other than my missing the greenest time ever that's about to start.

one of the coolest things i got for christmas this year was from mappy camper - it's a paper box with scores of words on little pieces of paper inside, and every morning i shake it around & pull out a couple & think about it. for instance, yesterday (black widow hunting) i got "courage" and "flexibility." today's were 'responsibility' and 'abundance' and i think the lesson to teach myself in this situation is to take 'responsibility' for my dogs and self by staying here, and don't worry there will be an 'abundance' of tea leaf green shows in north carolina, south carolina, tennessee, georgia, and/or virginia that i will be able to get to
in '08.

cool present, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Yeah Mappy Camper rocks!

skippy haha said...

agreed! times a million.

Anonymous said...

ahhh....shucks....ya'll makin' me blush !