Tuesday, March 06, 2007

HealthNet is the Devil

Anyone ever considering health insurance, DO NOT USE HEALTHNET.

They will charge you insanely high premiums.

They will not allow you to go to nice doctors that your friends recommend.

They will force you to go to a doctor in a dirty trailer in the ghetto, specializing in AIDS patients with outdated equipment and stains on the walls and ceiling.

They will refuse to pay that doctor because they inexplicably assigned you to a medical group 600 miles away.

They will put you on hold and transfer you around the company
for 47 minutes (including hanging up on you) before telling you they will not pay for the
"unauthorized charges."

I will pay for the goddamn doctor and lab fees or else my credit will take a hit.

HealthNet is terrible.

HealthNet is awful.

From Idiotic Customer Service to Third Rate Doctors to not paying for any services, it's been one nightmare after another for 5 years with them.

I wash my hands of HealthNet and jump happily and healthily into the loving arms of Blue Cross.


Anonymous said...

I hate insurance, period. Mi madre has been with Blue Cross forever and has always been happy. All should be well.

happy skipping,

kid D

skippy haha said...

i hate it too kid D - i call insurance salesmen 'fear peddlers.' it's just the ultimate frustration when you pay them tens of thousands of dollars over 5 years for nothing and they refuse to pay the only claim you file. i hope blue cross is nice to me like they are to your mama.

Anonymous said...

Our key objectives for 2006 were to position our membership for profitable growth; respond to the changing legal and political environment; improve pretax margin; and improve cash generation to resume our stock repurchase program. We believe we have met these key objectives . . . .

-with net income of $329.3 million in 2006, I guess paying claims and maintaining quality customer services just weren't part of the equation Skippy

skippy haha said...

thank you for the form 10-k bjurk. seriously fuck them and their improved pretax margin.