Tuesday, March 15, 2011

free shirts, road races

aw yeah! another fun post in the 'free shirts for bloggers' series has arrived.

kate parker kicks ass.  my best friend in high school was beth. beth's best friend in college was kate. kate and beth went to wake forest, and i was only an hour and a half away in chapel hill, so i saw them more often than you would think. they came to stay with me one freshman weekend in the age before cell phones and i was unable to meet them and give them shelter because i was underage passed out by 1 PM from everclear jello shots that i made in the dorm kitchen. classy!

anyway kate has two supercute little girls and still finds time to run, bike, and swim all over the southeast. not only does she race sometimes, she wins sometimes. i've seen her wearing medals. her blog is here: kate parker's blog

she also has the most beautiful 13 year old golden retriever and should put more pictures her on her blog.


Kate Parker said...

I LOVE, LOVE that story....cracks me up to this day. I would pay big bucks to recover your answering machine tape that we filled with messages for you trying to locate you.

Thanks again for the shirt. Annabelle says she is glad someone appreciates her beauty besides her. ;)

skippy haha said...

i don't think i even listened to all the messages...i was too full of shame and mortification. at least you girls found hottie on wheels to take care of you! annabelle's gorgeous! she's not fat, she's fluffy :)