Monday, August 09, 2010

baby william

went to ny for basically one day this weekend to meet my new nephew william. he is almost 3 months old and smiley and sweet and chubby and eats a lot and doesn't cry and doesn't stop moving. he's always fist pumping and ninja kicking, even in his sleep. he is lucky to be surrounded by awesome parents & grandparents and furry uncle henry.

we sneaked 50 lbs of frozen shrimp and scallops and lobster tails through the security at laguardia without any problems. i put the insulated bag on the conveyor belt and a guy asked "is this food?" and i said "yup." as it was x-rayed, the girl stopped the belt and said "" and the guy went over and said "it's okay, it's just food." and that was it!

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aunt jojo said...

Great Picture, Skippy! Glad you had a nice weekend!