Tuesday, August 24, 2010

eli nacho swimming hole

charlotte street computers retrieved my sd card! no problemo. also gave me tips on laptop power cord management - always unplug the power cord from the laptop when you pick it up - it's a fragile joint, and an expensive fix, and the weight of the battery loosens it and can break it.

here's a picture of nacho swimming in circles, and eli swimming for a stick.

the great smoky mountain national park does not allow dogs. they list the reasons here:http://www.nps.gov/grsm/planyourvisit/pets.htm

i would agree with them, if they didn't allow horses, which they do. there are giant piles of horse shit all over the trails, so the anti-disease excuses go out the window.


kid D said...

oh my goodness. we've been suffering from triple digit temperatures for a month in okie land. our swimming pools feel like bath tubs. that swimming hole looks divine.

skippy haha said...

that is brutal! the end is near...or at least the end of the heat must be near...one way or another this hotness has got to give

Brenda said...

I live in Asheville. Where is this swimming hole?

skippy haha said...

hey Brenda - that swimming hole was in the Smokies, not in asheville. i can't recall the exact name of the trail, but it was very close to the NC side of the border. sorry i can't be more specific!

Brenda said...

No worries - thank for the response. Great photo!