Wednesday, May 12, 2010

william christopher mctammany

my brother and angela had their baby! monday night almost midnight. i think 5-10-10 is a sweet birth date. he was 8lbs 1 oz. they named him william. i asked chris if it was after braveheart, and he said 'obviously.' they're going to call him will. i'm going to call him willie. ang pushed him out with no drugs whatsoever. i want drugs just thinking about it. he's pretty freakin adorable!


Aunt Jojo said...

Aunt Skippy, Isn't he precious?? We're so happy for all of them! Thanks for sharing this pic of our new nephew!

kid D said...

congratulations auntie skippy! being an aunt is so unbelievable awesome. you get to spoil and love and all the other wonderful things that go along with parenting, minus the discipline! hooray for willie.

kid D said...

this is for your sister-in-law:

Great Spirit, I am Mother

Great Spirit, I am Mother.
I was made by You so that the image of Your love
Could be brought into existence.

May I always carry with me
The sacredness of this honor.

Creator, I am Daughter.
I am the learner of the Traditions.

May I carry them forward
So that the Elders and Ancestors
Will be remembered for all time.

Maker-Of-All-Things, I am Sister.

Through me, may my brothers be shown
The manner in which I am to be respected.

May I join with my sisters in strength and power as a Healing Shield
So that they will no longer bear the stain of abuse.

Niskam, I am Committed Partner:
One who shares her spirit,
But is wise to remember never to give it away,
Lest it become lost,
And the two become less than one.

I am Woman.
Hear me.

-American Indian Prayer, Author Unknown

skippy haha said...

aunt jojo - i agree, he's precious! yay!

kid d- thanks! can't wait to see him, i want to eat him! i love the great spirit poem. i am going to a blessingway (hippie baby shower) next month and i think i'll try to read this. ta'ho!