Friday, December 07, 2007

free sporks

it's hard to find places to buy sporks
they're free almost wherever you see them


bjurk said...

I'm a bigtime lover of sporks and would trade in my flatware for all sporks all the time if my wife would let me, which, frankly, she probably would if I asked. hmmm anyway, I bought the 3 I have through campmor--they're titanium. I actually almost had one confiscated at the vatican. so be careful if you travel with sporks, they could be seen as a deadly weapon!

kid D said...

can you spork someone's yard? i've never tried?

skippy haha said...

titanium sporks! rad!

i dont know if the tines on the spork are long enough to balance the weight of the spork in the lawn kid d, it's a science experiment waiting to happen.

skippy haha said...

titanium spork
just from the picture i think if the ground was soft enough you could stick this kind in and spork someone's lawn. but that would be pricey.