Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WTF Wednesday: Melting Dog, Feel the Bern, Pax Americana

Hello Wednesday! Hello WTF!

Hello Max Webster and his Live Magnetic Air Mullets.

live magnetic air mullets

This is why you can't walk a dog in the rain.

rain dog 1

His fur will melt off, becoming one with your jacket.

rain dog

This is some good assvice right here. 

let it mellow

Last but not least, I am taking this WTFW to announce my endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President 2016.  I realize I am trying to sell t-shirts here and my political views may offend others who will in turn not want to buy my t-shirts, but really, fuck this shit - I believe all Americans should have health care, sue me.   


I think Bernie is honest, and I strongly agree with basically every single word that comes out of his mouth. The notion that he might take Elizabeth Warren as a running mate has me positively giddy. I imagine 4 years of Sanders/Warren, and then another 8 with her at the helm and I think we could reverse climate change in 12 years. We could have light rail, solar highways, and wind farms in 12 years. We could reduce the wage gap and get real about stopping racism. We could usher in a new era of Pax Americana. Imagine - peace. Imagine? 

I found this t-shirt at goodwill on New Years Eve - my dream ticket is right!

my dream ticket

Bernie Sanders on the issues.

How and when to vote for Bernie Sanders in your state. 

To buy a sweet Bernie T-shirt made in Vermont by a really good dude, check out Eat More Kale.

To read an insightful blog about the harm our current Health Care system is causing to families, see this from WNC Debt Law.

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

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kid D said...

I registered as a democrat instead of independent only because I wanted to vote in the primaries. Keeler (you know her/you met that sassy ginger at Wakarusa) might be on detail for Hillz, but that does not mean Hillz gets my vote. Bernie all the way! The primary election is the only time I really feel like my vote counts in presidential elections. Oklahoma never picks my candidate!

skippy haha said...

@kid D - totally remember Keeler the sassy ginger, and I have to say while $hillary will not get my primary vote, if by some sad, sad chance she wins the nomination, and her opponent is Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Bush, i would force myself to go out & vote for $hillary. Until then, Bern baby Bern!