Monday, February 16, 2015

addicted to power

once again this year, we gleefully celebrated valentine's day with arby's. 

bag of arbys

power went out during a wild windstorm saturday at 830 pm, and it was restored at 5pm on sunday. generally i spent the outage railing against humanity, researching generators, calling duke power for updates every 15 minutes, scampering through neighbors' yards looking for signs of progress, rage-cleaning the stovetop, and going to creekside taphouse for many dranks.

sugarhoney spent the outage sitting like a human.

yoga sugarhoney

i hope everybody stays safe, snuggly, and warm during the forecasted ice storm!

all 3 on the couch


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I am so so so addicted to power! I get a case of the sads if I think we're going to lose it. If we do lose it - I'm immediately ready to pack up and go to my moms

skippy haha said...

Agree, Jessica! It's only the refrigerator and the internet, really, but i miss them so!