Monday, August 11, 2014

holden dog portrait by teylor smith

a couple months ago i invited any budding artists to send pictures for our handmade/kids art gallery in the dog's room.

i heard rumblings via kid D that her daughter teylor was working on a painting, and what color was holden's old collar?

last week the anticipation grew via this mysterious instagram:

"We must have looked at one thousand images before she found one she felt like she could draw. She then practiced, and practiced and practiced. Tonight she finished Holden. This is your sneak peek."

look! it's little holdie feet! keep in mind that teylor is 6 years old. 6. Six. not even 7 yet.

and then it arrived! straight from oklahoma - behold!  the finished portrait of holden as a puppy!

holden painting by teylor smith

how freakin adorable is this? she really captured his eager to please personality.

holden painting by teylor smith 

eli wants to get a closer sniff. 

holden painting by teylor smith 

all the dogs are very impressed and only slightly jealous. i am going to get a frame this week and hang it in a most honored and highly visible spot in the gallery.

thank you teylor! bravo! keep up the good work - you have real talent & your painting brings us so much joy!


kid D said...

Teylor's mom was honored to have met Holden. She often laughs when she thinks about how he liked to lick Matt's extra salty legs. Teylor will love the pictures of the dogs with her painting. Can't wait to show her tonight!

kid D said...

She loved the picture of her painting with the got big smiles!

skippy haha said...

awww...her painting gets big smiles every time i look at it. seriously, what a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Awesome painting!!

Can't help but see how tired Nachodoggy looks..RIP