Thursday, August 28, 2014

daily sugarhoney: sugarheadrest

the love affair between sugarhoney and pouncey seems to get stronger every day.

sister as a headrest 

we're pretty sure she came home with kennel cough, and has passed it on to pouncey via all their making out. kind of like doggie mono.

the internet says it's very common, not dangerous, and can last 3 weeks. they are acting fine, but pouncey is coughing. 

the price of love.


kid D said...

kennel cough is the pits. yoshi came home with it after we took away his manhood.

skippy haha said...

oof, that's double wretched for little Yoshi!

i remember holden got it from a kennel when he was a puppy, i was convinced he had socks stuck in his esophagus and was trying to give him the heimlich. the cough is not pretty!