Friday, November 16, 2012

pushin the good vibes

pushin the good vibe

this isn't an entire "great list" like betsy does every friday, but here is my attempt at finishing this week on a positive note!

see that sticker behind smiling pouncey's face? it says "pushin the good vibe!" 

pouncey is pretty good at that.

it's a line from an ALO song "country camper."

"country camper" can be streamed for free here. the whole show is on here.

you don't even have to listen to get the gist of this funny story.

 "country camper"

it was obvious enough
that we weren't going anywhere too soon
side of the road
LA traffic friday afternoon

from where i was standin
it was worse than i'd feared
her front had disconnected
from her rear

freedom never came so easily
for my country camper
on the dodge chassis

i guess i had the fever
ever since i was a little man
a life so free of maintenance
you store it in the back of your van

she was a thing of beauty
and i was feelin lucky
pushin the good vibes

and my heart was thumpin
as i drove her off
hit the freeway
destiny laughed and coughed

cause freedom never came so easily
when it costs more than you can afford to be free
sometimes the dream is better than the real
sometimes the dream is better than the real

better than the country camper on the dodge chassis

well uncle sam bought her off us
for a thousand bucks and a lunch
sometimes you gotta cut your losses
while there's something left to be cut

freedom called us
and we did her dance
lost our shirts
and forgot our pants

sometimes the dream is better than the real thing
better than a country camper on a dodge chassis


here's an example of a country camper:

i hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and all good vibes are pushed to their limits!


rifle said...

this show is tight. streaming it now.
+1 for Irie Pete.

skippy haha said...

really tight. is the bomb. i've never met irie pete, but i'm forever in his debt for all the work he's done to keep the music free and high quality & hope he's somewhere burnin & hootin

Anonymous said...

great looking dog