Tuesday, November 06, 2012

pets for obama

4 out of 4 dogs agree, obama with peanut butter on his ears beats riding on the roof

also cats find shelter under obama: 

liberal cat

and moose:

moose for obama


Anonymous said...

i think hazing should be OK in presidential elections. whoever wins gets a buzz cut and permanent marker on their face.

skippy haha said...

obama already has a buzz cut! what kind of permanent marker? words? designs? penii? mike tyson?

kid D said...


Anonymous said...

shiny heads. and penii.

kid D said...

labs know how to pick 'em! four more years! my friends 11-year-old daughter asked her this question yesterday morning, "mom is it true that if Romney wins women won't be able to use tampons anymore?"

Anonymous said...

everything's unconstitutional if you think about it long enough