Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fly fishing

there are trout in the river.

kevin caught one a few weeks ago.

kevin fly fishing

pouncey caught a piece of bark

pouncey bark mouth

eli smelled the flowers

eli smelling the flowers

drip dry pouncey

pouncey dripping

look! a trout

look! a trout


kid D said...

that looks absolutely amazing. i'm so jealous. teylor and i just might have to visit when she's a little older.

skippy haha said...

we would love that. teylor can show us how to okie noodle for river cats!

Anonymous said...

Pouncey's bark looks like a blackened trout. He's trying. Whole place looks idyllic.

skippy haha said...

good point about pouncey's blackened trout!

kid D said...

skippy...we had a noodling fatality this weekend. the guy went into a den and never came out of it. not sure if they've found him yet or not.

...and that's why normal okies do not noodle!