Friday, June 08, 2012

first day of puppy kindergarten!

pouncey went to his first puppy school class last night.

he was the best dog there. 

his classmates include:

  • lola - a 2 lb black dustmop with separation anxiety and potty training problems
  • curious - a cute fluffy collie with separation anxiety and potty training problems
  • tony - a jack russell puppy who throws up in the car, chases cats and has potty training problems
  • king - a full grown pit bull with 'gnawing chewing' and 'charging out the door, taking off' problems

kevin thinks king is going to murder one of the other dogs

the teacher seemed to know what he was doing. we learned 'watch me' and 'sit.'

the other dogs were barking and crying throughout the class

pouncey sat on the floor, did all his tricks and SLEPT for the last 15 minutes. i had to wake him up to go home. 

 head of the class

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kid D said...

they grow up so fast - kid D