Tuesday, December 20, 2011

catch the feeling! (shoulder thrust)

i am in love with this skyland auto girl. if i saw her on the street i would be completely starstruck and ask for her autograph.

she's been doing these car commercials for the past couple of years at least. she matches her outfits to whatever major holiday is going on. she ends almost every one with "catch the feeling!" and does a jaunty little shoulder thrust.

it's amazing.

local commercials are unbelievable around here. almost as good as flea market montgomery.

it's just like, it's just like, a mini-mall! hey hey!


Anonymous said...

I did the shoulder thrust a few times just to see what I'd be trying to say by doing it. What's the message? Provocative? I don't think so. The commercial is coming to a close? Maybe. It looked right on her but I'm uncomfortable with the motivation. Please help Skippy. What is the meaning of it? I find myself starting to develop a compulsion to do it. I just did it again. Try it yourself but be careful.

skippy haha said...


yes, i know it's hard to stop shoulder thrusting once you've started.

i think it's supposed to convey being carefree. or for emphasis. it's a good way to end conversations.

catch the feeling!

skippy haha said...

another option: she is tossing the feeling at you by her shoulder.

Anonymous said...

She says pseudo-sexual stuff too... She is too skinny. Catch the feeling