Tuesday, October 04, 2011

honor system

driving down near brevard yesterday morning i spotted this sweet farm stand selling fresh produce. it's hard to see but the sign on the table says "HONOR SYSTEM."

i didn't stop, but wish i had. (...just to steal a bushel of tomatoes!  i kid.)


Anonymous said...

I love places that still have the honor sysytem. They trust us to do the right thing. It's that pressure that makes us do the honorable thing in return for their confidence. It's a fair trade. Bomster scallops are still sold that way on the wharf in Stongington, Ct. On top of it they are the best sea scallops around. No chemicals.

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

This is the place where my aunt got the tomatoes that we canned (my first time) Ohhhh man...delicious!!!!
Sweet people still in the world! Love

skippy haha said...

AnonyDAD - i've had those bomsters scallops and they are awesome! even awesomer that they trust people. i wonder if they've been burned often. if i ever find myself starving and homeless i am going to the wharf in stonington connecticut.

OG - nice! it was soo quaint. what a beautiful piece of land. and kind-hearted farmers :)

Anonymous said...

Skippa...if you ever find yourself starving and homeless come home. We always have a stash of Bomster scallops.

skippy haha said...

that's a deal anonyDAD. if things get too rough, i can also eat henry!

Anonymous said...

AnonyMom read that to Henry over the weekend and he's not happy.