Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mechanics lunches bottom shelf

if your car has the sturdiness of a golf cart (2005 prius) and you park too close to the curb and you try to turn the wheel without moving far enough from the curb, you may crack an axle, bend an undercarriage, and break a tire in fewer than 2 seconds. 

this may ruin your day.

this may also bring you to the waiting chairs at an autobody shop where the bottom of one of the drinks for sale coolers is reserved for mystery tupperware and half-drunk gatorades belonging to the employees.


Anonymous said...

Awww..not a good day...but way better than pulmonary embolism...have to keep stuff in perspective...love you Lelly...


skippy haha said...

good point MOM! my car had a pulmonary embolism though. it's still in surgery. may be good enough to come home today, fingers crossed.

kid D said...


Please explain. I'm dying to know.

skippy haha said...

kid D - lelly is short for lella which is what my brother called me when he started talking and couldn't say 'heather.' my best friend josh lived next door and we were 'losh and lella'

people in rhode island don't say 'r's' so he was trying really to say heatha.