Monday, July 18, 2011

checkin out the piggies

went to charlotte this weekend for a super fun british open party. here is emmitt, a ridiculously cute nugget of 10 month old sweetness. how awesome are his cheeks? and his hair? and his name?

shady bluff, charlotte's rockingest trio also graced our ears with a noon set.

later i walked around the corner and found these two nutball sisters by themselves frozen and whispering. i said "what are you doing?" and they said "being statues." i said, 'can i take your picture' and they said "YES!" and here we are:


mappycamper said...

haha.....I used to pretend i was a statue when i was a kid too. kids can amuse themselves in so many simple ways.

love that silvery yellow wallpaper behind them : )

skippy haha said...

so true, mappy. who needs video games when there's freeze tag?

and i am also infatuated with the wallpaper. not sure the owners of the house like it as much as i do. their dining room wallpaper is also wild- the fuzzy flock textured pattern kind. i love the 80s!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

cute AND gorgeous statues fo sho

Emmitt is an adorable name and I love baby feet. YUM. They taste and smell good :)

kid D said...

holy freaking cuteness!