Wednesday, September 01, 2010

tighty whities wipeout

went to the asheville tourists game last night downtown at mccormick field. it's a sweet old field, and the bleachers are shaded and they have great ballpark food and it's good people watching and the tourists usually score every inning i've seen.

after what seems like every out they have little contests for people to win prizes like trivia, or little kids chase the teddy bear mascot around a car sponsored by local business. it's a lot of advertising, but the kids seem to like it.

this was one of the contests - 3 kids fit themselves into a giant pair of tighty whitie underwear and race down to the outfield and back. the kids in white tumbled and rolled around the whole time. kids in red won easily.


Anonymous said...

Isn't neighborhood summer outdoor baseball fun? You would have loved one of the many fan contests I saw at a Long Island Ducks game one night a few weeks ago. It was a "Dizzy Bat" race. It was great. In fact, it's the most anticipated highlight of their games. Only older teenagers participate. The little guys would all throw up and the parents would have heart attacks. Your mom was going to catch a towel thrown into the stands but this behemoth guy sat RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER just before the towel toss started. He knew. Yet he still kept it. What a creep. She was upset for the next 10 minutes. I knew if I suggested stopping at Walmart on the way home to buy her one it wouldn't be the same so I kept quiet. Americana Baseball, don't you love it?

skippy haha said...

yeah i love it! what a jerk to steal mom's towel. she should've spilled her drink on him.