Sunday, September 19, 2010

nacho doggy

time makes you bolder, even children get older, i'm getting older too.

i've really noticed in the last month that nacho is aging. i thought he'd always look like a puppy, but now his face is getting whiter and something about his eyes are getting droopy. just when i thought he couldn't possibly look any funnier, he goes and looks even more like a nitwit dog. all 55 lbs of him will climb in anybody's lap, and when he greets strangers on the street he puts his ears way back and shakes his entire caboose. he's a good boy. i just wish he could freeze at 3 years old.



aunt jojo said...

Hi Skippy! Drez always wanted to freeze you at 3 years old.:) Both you and Nacho are still VERY cute despite the aging process. My 84 year old neighbor told me "you only grow old on the outside". Good stuff. xo

deadbeat dad said...

i love you dog

Betsy said...

That young pic of Grace you sent me just killed me because she looks like a different dog then and now. Its hard to believe she's almost 13. I wish I could freeze her too

skippy haha said...

aunt jojo - what a wise young at heart neighbor! i wish drez were frozen at 3, i bet she was freakin adorable.

nacho loves you deadbeat dad.

betZ - can't believe that bitch is almost 13 - she was a sweet old aunt jemima even when she was a pup. love her.

Anonymous said...

i've had him in my lap and loved it. good nacho! kid D