Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dirty joke

a white dog fell into a mud puddle.

(this was one of my grandfather's [named flops] favorite jokes - but it was a white horse)


aunt jojo said...

I don't remember that one from Flops. It's great that you bring these things up now and then. He said so much it's impossible to remember everything. And do we really want to? :)

skippy haha said...

he was a pip!
as i remember, i was about 8 and it went something like this:
flops: hey heatha want to hear a dirty joke?
me: yes.
flops: you do?
me: yes!
flops: you sure you want to hear a dirty joke?
me: YES!
flops: okay...a white horse fell into a mud puddle.

thinking about moving? you just MOVED!

aunt jojo said...

OMG, Skippy...too funny. :) Have a good day! xo