Sunday, February 07, 2010

moving tomorrow

i seriously couldn't be more thrilled and grateful to be moving back to asheville though all the chaos and disorder and fear that comes with moving do take a toll when you do it more times than years you have been alive and i am looking forward to staying happily in this next place for at least 15 months which is the lease length.

holden is so excited he's crapped twice on the floor.

after looking unsuccessfully for non-skid stair treads my fantastic roommate went to lowes and found a roll of gym floor matting and cut it in strips and holden will now tentatively go up and down the stairs by himself which is extremely promising since the new place has 4 staircases. it's a canine miracle! onward! forward march! westward ho!


aunt jojo said...

good for you, Skippy! Hope you can settle down for a while. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Call home..need address & hugs


skippy haha said...

thanks aunt jojo! it's great to be back in asheville. hey happy birthday!

hey MOM i called! talked to henry for 3 minutes on the machine!