Monday, December 14, 2009

old age is not a disease!

the vet hasn't called with holden's blood test results yet, but at the appointment she said he looks like he's in great health and there doesn't seem to be any medical physical reason for him to poop on the floor after 10 years of never pooping on the floor. she said, and i quote, "holden, i'm looking for something to blame it on other than that you're being a bad boy, but...."

diagnosis: BAD BOY.

i've changed some things around, and now he's sleeping upstairs with everybody else, and he hasn't pooped in the house for almost a week. so really the diagnosis probably should have been: BAD OWNER.


kid D said...

dear mom,

i used to be an only child. then there was nacho.

i used to live in sunny san diego. then there was life.

nc almost always has a promising basketball season. this year might be rough.

sometimes you just have to rebel.

love and licks,

kid D said...

oh, and i haven't been able to lick matteo's legs in FOREVER!

skippy haha said...

oh man you are right! that's what's missing from the equation. matteo's legs!