Monday, September 28, 2009

warning mountain lion danger FIGHT BACK!

back from a great week in utah and colorado! national parks kick ass!

here's a mountain lion warning sign from arches, near moab, utah.

it was so dry the highway signs were cracked

delicate arch

looking up from under delicate arch

bryce canyon, menage a rocks

north rim grand canyon veranda

aspens and prescribed burn on the road out of the north rim, grand canyon arizona

double rainbow into colorado river in southeast utah

i met a fine 11 year old bitch named rose who would make a splendid girlfriend for holden!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Need more! What a country. All right there if we reach for it. Glad you did.

kid D said...

love the pic of the aspens. hope you had a great time.

skippy haha said...

i was amazed at how well organized and spotlessly clean and beautiful the national parks were. i'm looking forward to watching ken burns documentary on them. i'm not proud to say i wasn't always reaching for it, sometimes it was more like i was dragged kicking and screaming. because i'm a brat who likes to stay home. but i am sooo glad i went!

happy birthday kid D!