Friday, September 18, 2009

going out west

holdenacho, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

i'm going away today for a week to colorado & utah. i've never been to utah & am looking forward to seeing the aspens & the red dirt. the dogs will be holding down the fort.


kid D said...

if you need to make a trip to okie town on your way to or've got a free place to stay.

have fun and be safe.

Unknown said...

Where in CO skippy? I was in Telluride last weekend for the Blues and Brews festival, and I think the Western slope will peak this week/weekend (in terms of fall color).

Monarch pass was ABLAZE, but the snow and wind probably stripped all the Aspen yesterday.


skippy haha said...

thanks kid D! we flew over tulsa but no time to parachute out :(

jason - colorado was awash in the gold of aspens! i was in denver and then breckenridge for a couple days, and then spent a night in grand junction on the way back from utah. the weather was great and the varied terrain and beautiful trees turning were so cool, and then there was snow!