Thursday, March 12, 2009

ozomatli + chali 2na

ozomatli + chali 2na, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

i went to the orange peel last night and the show was great.

we got there about 10 minutes before the band went on and the place was already pretty full. i showed my ticket to the guy at the door. i showed my license to the guy on the stool inside the door. then a girl behind him about my age said she had to look in my bag. it was sideways across my body so i started to open it up to show her the insides. she said no take it off and put it on the table. so i did. she asked if i needed to go put anything back in the car, any drugs or alcohol. i said no. she proceeded to open, unzip and unvelcro every pocket, took out my wallet, opened it, opened the change purse inside my wallet, pulled out my chapstick, tampons, keys, physically handled every single thing in the bag. i felt completely violated, especially since she asked if there was anything in there and i said no. i have been to many festivals and rock and jamband shows at big arenas with tight security and have never been searched so invasively as at the orange peel last night. it left a rancid impression and in this recession where i'm already cutting way back on shows i see, to avoid further hassle, privacy violations, and excessive searches, i will not be back to the orange peel unless it's a dire emergency (ie tea leaf green is playing).


Monica Cassani said...

this is totally fucked...I'd send this post to the Orange you really think management is supporting that shit or you just got a power happy bouncer?

skippy haha said...

i am not sure, Gianna. there were several other employees hanging around while she was doing it and nobody was acting like it was out of the ordinary.

i just took your advice and sent this email to the orange peel information address-

bag search policy

hello, just wanted to let you know i posted an article on my site today about the excessive and unreasonable bag search i went through last night before the ozomatli show at the orange peel.

you have a beautiful venue, and i appreciate that you don't oversell it and the atmosphere inside is comfortable, but i will no longer be attending shows there because of the invasive search at the door. i felt as though my civil rights were violated. i go to shows and festivals all the time in asheville and around the state and the country and have never felt my privacy so disrespected. if this intense searching (opening compartments of my billfold?) is a policy that management condones, carry on. if it's not, thought you all should know.

mygothlaundry said...

I hate the Orange Peel with a passion because of shit like this. They are unfriendly and unpleasant to deal with right across the board - hell, I went over there 2 years ago to buy tickets for the Meat Puppets and after I'd bought them, showing my license and my credit card, of course, the girl at the counter told me I wouldn't be allowed back in the next night for the show because my license was kind of old and rubbed at the bottom where the birthdate is. Keep in mind that I'm over 40. Fine, I said, give me back my money and I will skip the show. No, she said, no refunds. So I had to go to the DMV and get a new license for the Orange Peel. Also, check out their charming unfriendly bathroom signs: -

I could go on. I would go to a lot more shows if I could stand the venue but usually unless it's at the Gray Eagle I will just skip it. I'm sorry you had to go through that! They are really horrible there.

Anonymous said...

This is common practice at any orange peel show. They suck.

stop supporting the orange peel. They suck. And we cant get rid of them and their horrible approach until people STOP GIVING THEM MONEY!

I hope anyone wondering about going to a show at the Orange Peel in Asheville reads this thread and decides to stay home, instead of being treated like crap and charged out the arse for a thimble of beer.